Mikko Kuitunen

Growth Partner
  • Co-Founder and CEO of Vincit, Finnish software company that was listed to Nasdaq Helsinki on 2016
  • Angel investor and board member in 30 companies

Mikko is a serial entrepreneur and a true future leader. He is a Co-Founder and Executive Chair of Vincit, a listed Finnish software company that has been nominated Europe’s Greatest Place to Work. In addition to Vincit, Mikko has been a part of several startup success stories, such as Framery and Yepzon.

Mikko’s specialties include leadership, narrative strategy process, and communication and negotiation.

The Exit of Vincit: “There are things I could have handled differently” – Mikko Kuitunen shares the real story behind Vincit’s successful exit

From the perspective of the founders, two exits are occurring at the same time. One of them is all about the business, while the other one is more personal. After Vincit's IPO in 2016, it became clear to Mikko Kuitunen that he wouldn't be the right person to grow the business in the near future.

The Scaling of Vincit: “I have nothing to apologize for” – Mikko Kuitunen reveals how he redefined leadership and built the greatest place to work

In software consulting firms, people can make or break the company. To make successful scaling possible, Vincit prioritized people and culture from early on.