It’s (not) all about the money

Our approach can be summed to three pillars:



We help companies with exceptional founders to conquer the world



We fund good people, not tobacco companies



We are walking the road with you (= we answer your calls also when things are the toughest)

Our investment approach

We invest in fast-growing European companies across sectors.

From our investment program of €300 million, we invest in companies that have found their product-market fit and are ready to scale.

We usually invest initially 5-10 M€ in Series A and Series B and have resources to follow-on until the exit.

Investment thesis

Evli Growth Partners is a European late-stage VC joining companies typically in Series A or Series B.

We are looking for companies that have found a product-market fit in their core markets and are ready for scaling. Thus, we want to see proven unit economics and, typically, a few million euros of yearly revenue for the companies we invest in.

Yet, most importantly, we invest in people. Founders are the people we commit ourselves to and who run their companies, not vice versa. Mostly, we value exceptional capabilities of execution.

We operate from Helsinki, Finland, and consider the Nordic and Baltic countries as our home markets. However, we have a European approach and are willing to invest across the EU.

We are happy to invest across sectors. Thanks to our diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds, we feel comfortable with various business models and technologies.

On the road with you

As a fund, we are a combination of serial entrepreneurs and a strong pool of private capital. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes and, therefore, can help you through the ups and downs

The support we offer you consists of the help from our Growth Partners and the backing from our partner Evli Bank, one of the biggest asset managers in Finland.

About the fund

Founded in Helsinki by Evli Plc and Riku Asikainen in 2018, EGP is a venture capital company that invests in and partners with the most beautiful European growth-phase technology companies. EGP has a 200 M€ funding program and it invests in Series B+ growth companies. We are here to help you integrate and execute ESG’s principles into your growth plans, together.

EGP is led by five Growth Partners, an experienced hybrid of entrepreneur investors who have founded, led, IPOd and exited companies valued in billions. We maintain the expertise and relevant networks to share with the companies we invest in. While the majority of cases we receive are not accepted, we wholeheartedly invest in the ones approved.

EGP operates as an independent VC supported by our parent company, EVLI Bank Plc, which sustains 20B€ in assets, versatile expertise and resources, as well as available support for our Growth Partners to focus on portfolio companies and help them grow. We promise to provide value for equity.