Maiju Aspegren

Investment Analyst
  • Combined 4 years of experience from management consulting, corporate finance, venture capital & sales in a startup
  • Experience from investment analysis, market research and strategic business development
  • MSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University, exchange semester at Lausanne, Switzerland

Before joining EGP Maiju has gained experience from different fields around the startup ecosystem and advisory industry. In addition to completing a summer internship at EGP, she has done internships in management consulting, corporate finance and in another venture capital fund. Maiju has also worked for one year in Europe’s largest hackathon, Junction, where she handled the partnerships.

Maiju has analytical mindset and she is eager to hear about the finest companies in the market. At EGP Maiju is working as an analyst – focusing for deal sourcing and investment analysis – but also considering the sustainability aspects of the fund & portfolio companies. She wrote her Bachelor’s Thesis about responsible investing and is right now finishing her Master’s Thesis related to actions that venture capitals funds can utilize to increase the sustainability of their portfolio companies.

In addition to funding, what can we as a VC fund bring to the table?

As part of our trainee blog series, our most recent trainee Maiju Aspegren writes about her experience at our fund - and how VCs bring additional value to the table after the investment.