Ari Korhonen

Growth Partner
  • Co-Founder and CEO of Komartek, software house for Energy & Utilities as well as Real Estate Management, bought by WM-Data (currently CGI) in 2004
  • Angel investor in 50 companies, including 10 successful exits
  • Several awards from his angel investor career

Ari started as an entrepreneur already in mid-1980’s and, after having successfully sold his company Komartek to WM-Data (currently CGI), he became a full-time angel investor. Ari has invested in 39 companies and 9 venture capital funds, holding several board positions and being a senior advisor of many companies. He has been recognized many times as one of the most influential and successful angel investors of Europe. His portfolio includes success stories such as exited Small Giant Games, Paytrail, Sympa and The Switch, as well as current DealDash, MariaDB, Klevu and Miradore.

The verticals Ari is currently the most interested in include FinTech, AdTech, E-Commerce, and Gaming. He feels the most comfortable with technologies and business models such as SaaS, AI, IoT, and VR/AR.

The Exit of Komartek: “Don’t try to overengineer your life” – Ari Korhonen reveals the true story behind Komartek's unplanned exit

By the early 2000s, Komartek had successfully solidified its presence in both national and international markets. However, the idea of an exit had never been strongly considered within the company. Ari Korhonen, the co-founder of Komartek, had pondered the idea of passing the company to the next generation, but it was a rather serendipitous twist of fate that eventually led him to exit.

The Scaling of Komartek: Ari Korhonen reveals how he saved Komartek from the brink of bankruptcy by selling his company car

The late 1980s and early 1990s marked a period of new product development and rapid market expansion for Komartek. However, as the severe economic depression of the 1990s hit Finland, similar to many companies, Komartek soon found itself grappling with a debt burden. But how did Korhonen’s decision to sell his company car rescue Komartek from the brink of bankruptcy?