Next-generation, digital-first furniture company

Tylko is a next-generation, digital-first furniture company aiming to revolutionize the traditional furniture industry. Thanks to its unique proprietary software the company is able to automate the whole manufacturing process for its production partners. For its customers the Tylko brand represents premium-design, high quality and sustainability - all in one package. Tylko's customer-centric approach allows for buyers to customize their furniture down to the last detail - be it in terms of style, color, dimensions, storage capacity or all of the above. Tylko's success is strongly tied to its talented team, unique brand and highly scalable business model.



We joined:

Founded by:
Hanna Kokczyńska, Jacek Majewski, Mikołaj Molenda, Benjamin Kuna


Growth partners:
Mikko Kuitunen

EGP team member: 
Pauliina Sinnemaa

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