June 14, 2022

On a journey to digitize a big industry - announcing our newest investment Laserhub

By Evli Growth Partners
Evli Growth Partners leads Laserhub’s Series B with participation from existing investors Acton Capital, Project A and Point Nine and new investors FJ Labs, Fuse Venture Partners and Schenker Ventures.

We have all been through tough times, especially in the last couple of years. Whether it has been the pandemic and the subsequent deaths and lockdowns or the brutal war happening near us (please remember to continue to support Ukraine!), there has been a constant array of horrendousness, anxiety and adversity around us. However, if we look at things from a glass half-full perspective, adversity and obstacles can at its best teach us to adapt to difficult things and times. This in turn allows us to come stronger out of it, much like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

The ability to adapt to difficult things is exactly how you describe resilience. And resilience is indeed something the founders of Laserhub, Adrian and Christoph, have showcased through the past few years. First, the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns of factories were a problem. Once Laserhub adapted to the new reality, the supply chain issues and the following inflation started to arise, creating yet again new issues for Laserhub. Despite all these challenges, Adrian and Christoph have steadily continued to steer the ship in the right direction, continuously growing, expanding and keeping customers happy.

With this in mind, we are very excited to announce our partnership with Laserhub. We are leading their Series B with participation from existing investors Acton, Project A and Point Nine and new investors such as Schenker Ventures, Fuse Venture Partners and FJ Labs. With this funding round, Laserhub has the resources to continue changing the industry for good and become the champion of Europe.

What makes Laserhub special

When combining the above-mentioned resilience with a deep industry knowledge and an attention to detail (this was the first time we received a 14-page FAQ prior to the first meeting!), we knew that there was something special. Laserhub is in a great position to continue changing an industry that frankly still relies on old school methods and sourcing tools. Laserhub allows the industry to leap into 2022, as the platform significantly streamlines the processes of both suppliers and buyers. The suppliers can focus on what they do best, i.e. producing customized parts, while buyers don’t have to hassle and waste time on finding the right manufacturer. The value-add from the solution can be seen from the large share of returning customers and the high NPS.

Solutions with this type of a value-add in a large industry tend to have the potential to grow into something big. This is additionally supported by the recent supply chain problems. As traditional supply chains have been disrupted from the pandemic, marketplaces and tools that can provide supply capacity and resilience tend to be in a favourable position. With Laserhub, buyers can reach hundreds of suppliers who can produce the parts they want and need. When adding the increasing trend of near shoring into the mix, a functioning marketplace like Laserhub is in a prime position to continue growing.

In addition to the founders and solution itself, what really impressed us with Laserhub was the company culture. The team already at this stage contains strong and resourceful talent on board. These people have all the tools to continue growing and expanding the business. Perhaps even more impressive than the level of talent is the company culture. Laserhub has a kununu score of 4,7, an exceptionally high number. This just showcases how well the company has been able to build their culture in the remote work era.

We look forward to seeing what the future looks like for Laserhub with this funding. Great companies are always built through adversity, and there is no better team to lead the company in uncertain times like these.

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