February 23, 2021

Transforming the visuals of the internet – Evli Growth Partners joins forces with CGTrader

By Evli Growth Partners
Evli Growth Partners leads $9,5M Series B of CGTrader, the largest global provider of 3D content

When strong entrepreneurs meet vast and rapidly growing markets, great things happen. Combine that with a strong product and a novel business model that creates value to all parties involved, and you got us excited.

That’s exactly what we saw in CGTrader. We have been building our relationship with the founders, Dalia and Marius, for a long time: our first discussion took place already in the spring of 2019, and we maintained regular contact with them until their fundraising process really kicked off last fall. During that time, we had the privilege of getting to know the team and their excellent capabilities for rapid product development and thoughtful but decisive decision-making when faced with significant uncertainties. We were impressed with how mission-driven the whole team is; CGTrader truly is built by designers for designers, with a mission to empower designers to have equal and fair access to lucrative opportunities and to cut out the typical hurdles of the industry.

CGTrader is uniquely positioned to lead the mass-market adoption of photorealistic 3D models globally

Simultaneously, it became evident that CGTrader is uniquely positioned to lead the mass-market adoption of photorealistic 3D models globally. 3D models have been prevalent in industries such as game development, architecture, animation, and industrial design, but now we are seeing a rapid emergence of e-commerce as a new and significant customer segment.

Thanks to the final push by covid-19, e-commerce has become increasingly important for every retailer across sectors. Consequently, the need to produce innovative, highly interactive shopping experiences online has increased. 3D models have several superior qualities compared to traditional photography: they allow for advanced multidimensional product visualizations from multiple angles, product placement in the real environment to see the look and fit with highly interactive AR experiences, and real-time personalized marketing materials. And they can be up to ten times more cost-efficient than photos!

We think CGTrader is perfectly positioned to capture this market potential and become the global category leader of 3D model production and delivery. The company has already built the world’s largest designer community in their platform, offering them opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible for individual creators. With CGTrader ARsenal, the company can offer an enterprise-grade end-to-end solution for daily usage of 3D models.

We are beyond excited to start our journey with Dalia, Marius and the rest of the team to profoundly transform product visualizations in the online world!

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