May 22, 2024

Brushing Up the Beauty Scene: EGP Invests in Planity

By Evli Growth Partners
Jere Blomqvist
Investment Manager
In recent years, numerous well-funded initiatives have aimed to digitize the beauty appointment industry. Despite these efforts, booking beauty appointments remains largely analogue in many parts of Europe. Planity has seized this opportunity to build a rapidly growing, efficient platform that addresses all the must-haves for businesses in the industry. We are thrilled to invest in Planity alongside esteemed investors such as Infravia, Revaia, Credit Mutuel, Bpifrance, Eiffel Investment Group and Alven.

From our first meeting with CEO and co-founder Antoine Puymirat, we were struck by the company’s focus and pragmatism. Rarely do you encounter a leader and team with such a clear vision and well-defined steps to achieve it. Planity has secured a leading position in France through hardcore, focused execution.

Planity's product allows beauty businesses to digitize their operations, offering an all-in-one system that covers bookings, payments, inventory management, and other core features. These tools save salon owners time while reducing the impacts grey economy by digitizing payments.

Planity operating system in action.

In addition to its comprehensive SaaS platform, Planity offers a sleek, consumer-facing booking platform without transaction fees. This feature significantly adds value for Planity’s customers, evidenced by over 10 million bookings per month and a 16% increase in salon partners' turnover. This rapid growth and multi-faceted product development reflects Antoine and his team’s meticulous and strategic approach.

Happy customer getting a haircut.

What sealed the deal for us was combining this robust product with a methodical sales strategy led by industry veterans. The consistent execution, attention to detail, and strategic customer acquisition and product enhancement might sound simple in theory but are incredibly challenging in practice. Planity has embraced this challenge, finding beauty in the mundane aspects of execution.

For these reasons, we are proud to back Planity and be of small support for their continued leadership in France and expansion into new markets. We can’t wait to see what Planity achieves next!

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